In keeping with our belief in complete quality eye care, we offer full eyewear service. Our trained opticians will assist you in selecting the frames and lenses that best meet your visual needs. We offer quality frames from leading manufacturers including Kate Spade, Banana Republic, OGi, OGi Kids, Marc Jacobs, Anne Klein, Prodesign, OGA, LightTec, Joseph Abboud, Nine West, Liz Claiborne, Altair, Carrera, Columbia, and more.

We know you want style, comfort, and convenience in your eyewear. We offer a variety of lenses that are made to fit your lifestyle needs!

Progressive Lenses:
Progressive lenses are often known as no-line bifocals. This type of lens is preferred for patients who have presbyopia or focusing problems. Progressive lenses do not have visible lines that separate the different fields on the lens. When someone looks at you while wearing the progressive lenses, your eyes appear clear. However, progressives have multiple powers and can help with several vision problems with just one lens!

Computer Lenses:
Digital Eye Strain and Computer Vision Syndrome are on the rise. With many of us working and/or learning on a digital device, our eyes are being impacted. Symptoms of Digital Eye Strain include headaches, blurred or double vision, sore eyes, dry or watery eyes, sensitivity to light and neck, shoulder, or back pain. Computer glasses offer a solution to reduce the strain on your eyes and your exposure to blue light. Computer glasses minimize eye strain by adjusting the focus so your eyes function with less effort.

High-Definition Lenses:
You are more than likely familiar with the term, “high definition.” High-definition lenses allow for sharp, clear, and crisp vision. This type of lens is ideal for patients who want the latest in lens technology. If you have a high prescription or large amounts of astigmatism, you will notice the biggest difference with these lenses.

Anti-reflective lens coating can be applied to both sides of prescription lenses. This coating can greatly diminish the light reflected by the lens surfaces. This means that your eyes appear very clear behind the lenses, your vision is more defined, and glare from things like headlights at night, computer screens, or overhead lighting is significantly reduced.

High Index Lenses
High Index means the lens has a greater ability to bend light rays to provide clear vision. These lenses are thinner, lighter, and more pleasing to the eye. Both literally and figuratively! These types of lenses are a great option for those that have strong prescriptions.

Photochromic Lenses
Photochromic lenses darken automatically in response to sunlight outside and turn clear inside. These lenses offer UV protection and a convenient alternative to sunglasses in some situations. However, They don’t darken in the car because UV is blocked by your windshield. For driving, polarized sunglasses are the better option.

Polarized Lenses
It is important for sunglasses to have UV protection to prevent sun damage to the eyes. In addition, polarized lenses reduce blinding glare caused by the reflection of the sun. This makes driving safer and outdoor activities more enjoyable.

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